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NICA was set up by the NTUC to represent the interest of instructors and coaches – many of whom are freelancers who teach sports, outdoor adventures/learning, fitness, wellness, visual arts and performing arts, and enrichment. Working in close partnership with lead Government agencies and sector partners, NICA will continue to support all coaches and instructors in your career development and well-being. 

The Association's priorities are:
  1. to be a collective and representative voice for members to the relevant authorities and agencies on issues that impact their livelihood;
  2. to outline and uphold a framework of ethical and professional standards and attitudes to guide members and raise their credibility and the status of coaching and instructing as a vocation;
  3. to strengthen the coaching and/or instructing proficiency and knowledge of members so as to develop their competence as a coach and/or instructor and enhance professional standards and professionalism;
  4. to strengthen members’ financial well-being through the promotion and/ or introduction of appropriate programmes;
  5. to collaborate with relevant authorities and agencies to facilitate amicable and cost-effective resolution of work-related disputes;
  6. to foster friendly relations and encourage better understanding and co-operation among members as well as between members and relevant stakeholders;
  7. to associate or affiliate with any national or international organisation that has similar objects as the Association, including the National Trades Union Congress; and Singapore Labour Foundation;
  8. to promote generally the material, educational, social, cultural, recreational, welfare and interest of the members and their dependants and to do all things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of these objects.


NICA leadership is helm by elected NICA members who, on top of their full-time work as coaches and instructors, dedicate their time to serve the NICA community. 

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  1. Mr Adrian Chiang, President
    Wind Band and Orchestra Conductor

  2. Mr Danny Aw, Deputy President
    Bandminton Coach

  3. Mr Justin Teh, General Secretary
    Netball Coach

  4. Mr Darius Lim, Deputy General Secretary
    Choral Director

  5. Mr Tommy Yau, General Treasurer
    Master Trainer

  6. Mr Brando Tan, Deputy General Treasurer
    Band Director

  7. Ms Jean See, Excecutive Secretary
    NTUC Director

  8. Ms Rasidah Caudal, Member
    Group Fitness Instructor

  9. Mr Timothy Chan, Member
    Wushu Instructor

  10. Mr Mike Chiang, Member
    Chinese Orchestra Instructor

  11. Mr George Leong, Member
    Music Composer

  12. Ms Rella Quek, Member 
    Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

  13. Ms Tan Hwee Bin, Member 
    Dance Instructor 

  14. Mr Tan Yu Sheng, Member
    Bowling Coach

  15. Mr Jeremy Tang, Member
    Outdoor Learning and Adventure Instructor

  16. Mr Yong Chee Foon, Member 
    Choral Director

  17. Mr Muhammad Sharul Bin Mohammed, Internal Auditor 
    Dance Instructor
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