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SportSG launched the National Registry of Exercise Professionals (NREP) on 1 April 2023 to raise the overall standards, professionalise the sector, and provide better support for exercise professionals through continuous learning and development resources. The registry will also allow the public to have easy access to these qualified exercise professionals’ profiles.


In the first phase from 1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024, exercise professionals, such as group exercise trainers, personal trainers and other fitness & wellness specialists, will be supported to up-skill and register on the NREP through providing one-year complimentary membership to the National Instructors and Coaches Association (NICA). This will provide them with access to work-related advisories, training support as well as financial grants, amongst other benefits.


More details on NREP can be found at

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For Freelance/ Self-employed Exercise Professional, please click on "FSE". For Salaried Employee (Exercise Professional), please click on "EMPL".


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Frequently Asked Questions

Provisional or Full NREP members are eligible for the 1-year complimentary NTUC or NICA membership as long as they sign up between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024, both dates inclusive. For example, if your NTUC or NICA complimentary membership is activated on 1 June 2023, the 1-year complimentary membership will be until 31 May 2024.

Employment Type Existing Membership Status
Freelancer or Self-Employed Person (SEP) NTUC membership; serviced by NICA
Full-time Employee NTUC membership; serviced by NTUC and relevant union


If you are a freelance or self-employed coach/ instructor in sports, arts, exercise, and enrichment, you can sign up as a NICA member. Nonetheless, NICA members are also NTUC members and would enjoy NICA and NTUC benefits. Provisional/ Full NREP members can activate a 1-year complimentary NICA membership between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024, both dates inclusive. NICA will service your membership.


If you are a full-time salaried employee and a provisional/ Full NREP member, you can activate a 1-year complimentary NTUC membership between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024, both dates inclusive. NTUC Membership department and the relevant union will service your membership.


Under both scenarios, you can refer to your NREP membership confirmation email on how to activate your 1-year free NICA or NTUC membership. The last day to activate your complimentary NICA or NTUC membership is 31 March 2024.

If you are an existing NTUC or NICA member and have successfully registered for NREP, you will receive an email that directs you to NICA website via this URL: When you are at the website, you will be asked to fill up a simple form for verification purposes before we can proceed to activate your 1-year complimentary membership. This is enabled by suspending the monthly NICA or NTUC membership fee payment deduction for the period of 1 year.

All exercise professionals such as gym personal trainers and group exercise instructors are required to attain your NREP membership before activating the complimentary NTUC or NICA membership. You can find out more about NREP at


Upon confirmation of your NREP membership (for either Provisional or Full Membership), you will receive a confirmation email via your registered email address. The confirmation email will provide you with details on how to activate your 1-year complimentary NTUC or NICA membership.

No, it will not be activated automatically. If you have successfully attained your NREP membership, there will be a confirmation email sent to your registered email address that provides you details on how you can easily activate your complimentary NTUC or NICA membership.

If you are facing technical issues to activate your complimentary NTUC or NICA membership, you may take a screenshot of the error message and email to


NICA is planning to hold physical engagement sessions through partners in the industry. We will provide updates via our website and emailer on upcoming physical engagement sessions.

Please allow up to 4 weeks to activate your 1-year complimentary NTUC or NICA membership. You will receive a welcome email upon successful application.


The processing time will be longer if there is any missing information or incomplete form.

You will be notified by NICA via your registered email 3 months prior to the end of the complimentary membership. The email will provide you with the details on how to continue your NICA membership without disruption.

Payment details are required for the completion of your NICA or NTUC membership application. This authorises us to activate your NTUC or NICA membership so that you can enjoy benefits provided by NTUC and NICA such as training benefits (UTAP) and financial support.

We are only able to accept GIRO internet banking or GIRO Hardcopy details. For GIRO Internet banking, please use DBS, POSB or OCBC. If your bank is not 1 of the 3 listed, please use GIRO Hardcopy Form.


Regardless, you will receive an email from NICA or NTUC with instructions to complete the provision of GIRO Bank details. If this is incomplete, your NTUC or NICA membership will not be activated.


Once your complimentary membership is activated, the GIRO arrangement will be suspended for the duration of the 1 year of complimentary membership.

All NTUC and NICA members can use UTAP, a training benefit, to defray the cost of training. All members enjoy 50% of unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year when you sign up for courses supported under UTAP. Members aged 40 and above can enjoy higher funding support up to $500 per individual each year, capped at 50% of unfunded course fees, for courses attended between 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2025. More details about UTAP can be found at

For more information about National Registry of Exercise Professionals, please visit NREP website and refer to the NREP FAQs.


Should you have questions that are not addressed by the FAQs, please reach us at

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