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National Arts Council (NAC) is collaborating with National Instructors and Coaches Association (NICA) to support NICA arts educator-members’ i.e., “Members” continuous professional development through the provision of course fee subsidies and/or training allowance to lower the actual and opportunity costs of attending training.  

The NAC-NICA Training Support i.e., “Training Support” will run from 1 October 2023 to 31 March 2025, and is in tandem with the Skills Framework for Arts (Arts Education and Technical Theatre & Production). 

  • Interested self-employed arts educators must be/ sign up as a NICA member before applying for the Training Support.  
  • NICA will also help Members to apply for additional training fund (UTAP). 

When NICA Arts Educator-Members attend and complete courses under the pre-qualified courses, workshops, and conferences, they can claim up to $500 Training Support as indicated below.  

  • Up to 90% of unsubsidised course fee subsidy and/or,  
  • Up to $10/hour of training allowance, based on the course duration;  
  • For courses/ conference/ workshops below $200, only training allowance will apply.

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Application Process:

Please review the instructions (PDF document) and FAQ on Training Support before proceeding to apply for the Letter of Eligibility. 


Step 1: Apply for a Letter of Eligibility (LOE)

i. Apply via the online form HERE.
ii. Send the supporting documents in a password-protected zip file to

Please save the documents in a zip folder and protect the folder with a password. Use a fresh email to send us the password. This step is important because your documents contain personal data. 

Step 2: Email the NICA-issued LOE to Training Provider when registering for a pre-qualified course prior to its start date.

Kindly note that you must obtain the LOE prior to attending any pre-qualified course. NICA requires up to 7 working days to assess the application and generate the LOE.



What are the supporting documents needed?

 1. Proof of Self-Employed Income
  • Notice of Assessment (NOA) 2023 that reflects trade income OR,

  • CPF Contribution History for the past 6 months

 2. Proof of Work in the Visual and Performing Arts Field
  • Update CV OR,

  • Portfolio of Work or teaching experience

Example: Professional Website, Facebook, or Instagram Page

 3. Bank Statement 

Bank statement that reflects the bank account holder name and account number.

 4. Subscription to NAC Arts Resource Hub

You may subscribe to the NAC Arts Resource Hub HERE.


Please note that you do not need to submit any documentation. NAC and NICA will verify subscription based on the following details in the ARH Subscription Form:

  • Full Name

  • Email address



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*UTAP is supported for course commencement date after 1 April 2024.


O School

Singapore Drama Educators' Association

Voices of Singapore 



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between NTUC and NICA membership?

Employment Type

Existing Membership Status

Freelancer or Self-Employed Person (SEP)

NTUC membership; serviced by NICA

Full-time Employee

NTUC membership; serviced by NTUC and relevant union

  • If I am not yet a NICA member, can I still apply for the LOE if I’m interested in a pre-qualified course?   

If you are not yet a NICA member, please sign up as a NICA member first to be eligible for the Training Support that all pre-qualified courses would have access to. Do note that all other eligibility criteria will have to be met as well, in order to successfully be issued the LOE.  

If you are a freelance or self-employed coach/ instructor in the arts (or sports, fitness, and enrichment), you can sign up as a NICA member.  You may sign up online at and select “NICA” under the company field.

  • Do I still need to register for NICA membership if I am an existing NTUC member?
    If you are an existing NTUC member, please email NICA at to do a membership conversion to NICA.
  • When can I expect to receive reimbursement of course fee subsidy and/or training allowance if I meet the minimum course attendance and pass the mode of assessment (if any)?

Type of Support

Processing time

Reimbursing Party

NAC-NICA Training Support (Course fee subsidy and/or training allowance)

8 - 12 weeks upon course completion


UTAP (Course fee subsidy)3

8 - 12 weeks upon course completion

NICA on behalf of e2i

Need help?

Should you have questions that are not addressed by the FAQs, please reach us at


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