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NICA Coaches and Instructors Appreciation 2022:
Celebrating You!
Coaches and instructors, your ever-readiness to enliven every child, youth and adult's life through sports, outdoor learning, fitness, visual and performing arts is deeply valued and truly inspiring! It's now our turn to Celebrate You! - where we invite YOU for a series of events and activities happening in September and October that is specially curated by the National Instructors and Coaches (NICA) for YOU.
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NICA Coaches & Instructors Conference 2022:

Registration is open!

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Join us in this Discovery Day for Coaches and Instructors to:

Hear from experts on trends in various industries & acquire know-how to strengthen business skills. Plus, find out about new freelance job opportunities in the healthcare and first-aid industries. There will also be exclusive promotions from partners such as MoneyOwl, OSpace & more!


Ticket Purchase:

- The registration form will close on 2 Oct 2022, 6pm or when all tickets are sold out.

Payment must be made by 5th October 2022, 12pm to be considered as confirmed ticket.- Our team will follow up with an email on the payment details.


Programme Synopsis:



9am to 10am

Money or Life? Making Wise Decisions for Your Best Life

Speaker: Colin Lai, Lead, Client Advisory, MoneyOwl

What do 5000 financial plans tell us? Imagine having the inside look at the workings behind Singapore's most comprehensive, competent, and conflict-free financial advisory, MoneyOwl. As a social enterprise, MoneyOwl will present critical information that is often left out or avoided by most bankers and commission-based advisers. The fact is that financial success is easy to achieve with the right tools and expertise. Get them both at this short, but informational, 1-hour 'tell-all' where Colin, our Lead Client Adviser, will spill the beans on why some advice should be avoided and how you can get on a financial path that will help you lead your best life!

Topics include a simple-to-follow Wealth Equation, Evidence-based investment ideas that last a lifetime and the right way to design your own financial plan on your own terms!

9am to 10am

Expand Your Opportunities by Understanding More About GeBiz

Speaker: Er. Henry Chang, Stride System Consultancy

A good understanding of government procurement governance and the procurement platform canenable bidders to timely submit attractive quotations that can comply to government procurementpolicy, that enhances the chance of getting government agencies attention and to get the award ofcontract.

The seminar provides a quick appreciation for suppliers and contractors to better understand thegovernment procurement governance, procurement platform, procurement process and constraintsthat the staff of the government agency are facing.

10.15am to 11am

Debunking Myths: Working with Seniors, Effective Communication Tips

Speaker: Joan Tay, HR Professional, NTUC Health

Through the talk, participants will debunk the top myths of working with seniors, plus gets effective communication tips. Participants will also find out about freelance/ micro jobs in the community care sector.

10.15am to 11am

First Aid Industry: Managing Common Scenarios + New Opportunities!

Speaker: Mr. Jeremy Oon, Trainer,

Singapore First Aid Training Centre


For coaches and instructors, it is important to recognise that safety must be a fundamental component of our industry, therefore setting a goal that allaccidents are preventable is crucial.During this conference, SFATC will be sharing a series of pointers on how to carry out activities in a safe manner to prevent and manage injuries.

The second half of the talk will find us speaking about the opportunity to become a first aid instructor in Singapore. Participants will get an insight into the first aid industry and explore the types of opportunities that the industry has got to offer.

11.15am to 12.15pm

Design Thinking for Social Media (endorsed by Tik Tok)

Speaker: Rachel Poo, Facilitator, NTUC LearningHub


Learn how you can ride the tidal wave on TikTok to become a quality content creator!

Our well-rounded Design Thinking course endorsed by TikTok will give you the exact skills and knowledge you need to achieve success on a billion-user platform. This is the only programme which integrate end-to-end Design Thinking that supports social media content creation. Learn how you can create engaging content on the hottest social media platform in 2022!

11.15am to 12.15pm

Is Social Media Enough? A Holistic Approach to Business On The Web

Speakers: Dr. Jeremy Gwee, Jamie Cheng, Eugene SEO King, ITOL Asia


The Business on the Web deploys a systematic 3M Approach to building a profitable business through your website and Social Media.

The first M is the business's Business Model. The second M is Marketing and the third M is Money. Money is about being commercially aware. Profitable businesses have failed simply because liquidity was not managed. Understanding when and how cash flows into a business is the key to building a successful business.

Catch us at these locations for a little surprise and to check out the appreciation messages dedicated to Celebrate YOU!




Installation Duration

Catch the NICA team for a little surprise!


Kallang Wave Mall

1 Stadium Place,

Singapore 397628

12 Sept – 7 Oct 2022

15 & 16 Sept,
2pm – 6.30pm


NLB Library @ Chinatown

133 New Bridge Rd, #04-23, Chinatown Point,
Singapore 059413

12 Sept – 14 Oct 2022

20 & 21 Sept,
12pm - 2.30pm


Downtown East @ E!Avenue, Level 1
(near to side entrance)

1 Pasir Ris Cl,
Singapore 519599

12 Sept – 30 Sept 2022

17 & 18 Sept,

9am – 12pm
2pm – 5pm



11 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 469662

15 Sept – 22 Sept 2022

20 & 21 Sept,
3pm – 6.30pm

NTUC Clubhouse @ SingPost Centre
SingPost Centre, #03-102, 10 Eunos Rd 8, 408600
23 Sept - 14 Oct 2022
29 & 30 Sept, 3pm - 6.30pm

Appreciation Messages for Coaches & Instructors
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NICA Appreciation Message MCCY  
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More appreciation messages from those whose lives you have impacted:
Exclusive Deals for NICA Members!
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NICA Appreciation Movement 2021:
Many Faces, One Voice

This year, in the month of September, NICA continues our tradition to appreciate all coaches and instructors and encourage you on through such unprecedented times. Continuing the theme of “Many Faces, One Voice”, NICA has prepared a series of enriching programmes and exciting activities that bring coaches and instructors together to spur collaborations and support each other. We look forward to see you virtually and physically!
Detailed Programme will be shared on NICA Facebook as well. Follow us here:


1) Thank You Coaches & Instructors
2) Caring About Your Well-Being

  • 6 September 2021 - Mental Wellness Workshop on Positive Thinking and Energy
  • 15 September 2021 - Motivational Talk on Today Matters
  • 8 October 2021 - How to Build Resilience in an Uncertain World
3) Helping You to Thrive in Your Business

  • 8 & 10 September 2021 - GeBiz 101 Workshop
  • 21 September 2021 - Video Starter Clips: Your Elevator Speech (Produce a 1-min video for Social Media Marketing)
  • 27 September 2021 - Tips on Understanding and Supporting Youths
  • 5 October 2021 - Value-based Negotiation Workshop
4) Coming Together as One Unified Voice

  • NICA Members Showcase: Get inspired with Coaches & Instructors from different fields on how they overcome challenges and discover new opportunities
  • Kopi Talk with NICA: Join us for a cup of coffee/tea! We want to hear about your business plan and get acquainted with fellow NICA members for potential collaboration

Upcoming Events
Video Starter Clip: Your Elevator Speech - 21 September 2021
Run 1: 9AM - 12PM
Run 2: 2PM - 5PM
NICA NICA Appreciation Movement 2021_Video Starter Clip_Your Elevator Speech on 21 Sept
Contracts and You - 22 September 2021
10.00AM- 11.30AM

NICA NICA Appreciation Movement 2021_Contracts and You_22 Sept

NICA Membership Showcase
NICA NICA Appreciation Movement 2021_Get Inspired with Lawrence Chew  
NICA NICA Facebook Live Series_Get Inspired with Jessica Lim_17 Sept  
Click here to watch Facebook Live by Coach Lawrence Instructor Jessica Lim &
Key Insights to note

GeBiz Workshop 101 - 08 & 10 September 2021
NICA GeBiz Workshop 101 - 08 & 10 September 2021  
NICA GeBiz Workshop 101 - 08 & 10 September 2021  

Why TODAY Matters? - 15 September 2021
NICA why TODAY matters  

Appreciation Messages for Coaches & Instructors
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NICA Appreciation Message_Min Edwin Tong  
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NICA Thank You Coaches - nEbO  
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To view more appreciation messages for our Coaches & Instructors:
Exclusive Deals for NICA Members
E-Brochure can be obtained here:
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NICA nica-2020-design-v3  

creation sessions. We will provide a weekly update, so stay tuned for more information!Translating NICA's yearly Appreciation event into a series of programmes across the month of September, NICA 2020: Many Faces, One Voice not only provides a platform to appreciate and thank all coaches and instructors, but also introduce online workshops to help you navigate and thrive in the digital space, and affirm partnerships with key stakeholders through dialogue and co-

All activities will be shared on NICA's Facebook page as well (

NICA members got together to brainstorm and explore creatively, ways to overcome the challenges of teachers and work together to enable the resumption of CCA.
Key suggestions
1. Technology: Use of technology to lighten teachers' workload (for example, task management app for tracking and updates accessible by teachers and coaches/instructors so that teachers do not have to be physically present)
2. Coaches+: Additional paid role for coaches/instructors as support staff for CCA admin matters (for example, attendance taking; safe managemenet protocol)
3: Parental support: Involve parents as key stakeholders (for example, Parent Support Group to observe CCAs for greater assurance)


NICA, together with panellists from Ministry of Education and Singapore University of Social Sciences exchanged ideas and views on how coaches, instructors and schools are able to collectively work in partnership for the holistic development of students.

1) Moderator: Jean See, Director, NTUC U FSE and Executive Secretary, NICA
2) Justin Teh, General Secretary, NICA
3) Darius Lim, Deputy General Secretary, NICA
4) Ng Chen Kee, Divisional Director, MOE Student Development Curriculum Division
5) Nicholas Gabriel Lim, Head of Programme for Professional Life Coaching and Expressive Arts Therapy

Sessions will be LIVE on NICA's Facebook. No registration is required.
1. "If you don't try, you'll never know"
Unlock your mind to the possibilities of virtual classes through the sharing by Mdm Alice Ho, a senior People's Association Trainer who overcame her personal obstacles and successfully converted her Qigong community and their practice sessions onto the digital platform.

People's Association Trainer
Mdm Alice Ho Soon Kim, Chairman of Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association (S)
NICA WhatsApp Image 2020-09-05 at 6.00.44 PM.jpg  
Mdm Alice has been a qualified Qigong instructor since 1987, and have been managing the Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association for the past 33 years. She is no stranger to the community, having personally trained over 1000 Qigong volunteers and is a strong activist and trainer at numerous local events and Community Centres. Mdm Alice believes firmly in lifelong learning, and constantly finds ways to upgrade herself.
2. The 3Vs of Virtual Engagement
Being able to communicate effectively online is no longer a nice to have skill, but a need to have skill. Discover how you can connect and engage your students virtually, captivate your audience with storytelling and learn from our panel how you can make a smoother transition to online teaching and pivot successfully into the new future.

Key takeaway from the session:
NICA 3Vs (A4 - Yellow header)  

Speaker and moderator
Ms Jacqueline Chow, Executive Coach and Presenter
NICA jacq.jpg  

1. Samuel Lim, Founder and Head Coach of Fire City Gym

NICA samuel lim.jpg  

2. Dwayne Lau, Actor, Writer, Director, Drama Coach


The contributions and impact of coaches and instructors to the lives of students should never be underestimated. NICA reached out to our key partners and students to pen their heartfelt messages for the heroes who have made a difference. Coaches and Instructors, know that you matter to all of us and we thank you for all that you've done!
NICA Facebook Appreciation - Adrian Chiang  
NICA Facebook Appreciation - Min Edwin Tong  
NICA Facebook Appreciation - DSG  
NICA Facebook Appreciation - Minister Lawrence  
NICA Facebook Appreciation - Sport SG  
NICA Facebook Appreciation - PA  

here.Take a look at the snippets of appreciation notes from students! We've received close to 700 messages, read more messages

NICA Appreciation Notes  
NICA Appreciation Notes  
NICA Appreciation Notes  
NICA Appreciation Notes  
NICA Appreciation Notes  
NICA Appreciation Notes  
NICA Appreciation Notes  
NICA Appreciation Notes  
NICA Appreciation Notes  

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