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Please note that benefits below are exclusive to NICA members only.

1. NTUC Care Fund (Special Assistance) 2023 - Application opens on 5 June

Starting from 5 June to 21 July, the NTUC Care Fund (Special Assistance) is open for applications via OneCare at and we invite you to apply for it if you meet the criteria. Please refer to the following table for the revised income criteria and quantum.

Members WITH family members staying in the same household in Singapore
Members WITHOUT family members staying in the same household in Singapore
Income Criteria
MonthlyGross Household Income of $3,800 and below; OR

Per Capita Income of $950 and below

Monthly Gross Personal Income of $1,650 and below
Cash Quantum
For more information, check out the fact sheet here: 2023 NTUC Care Fund (Special Assistance) Fact Sheet.pdf
2. NICA-U Care Education Awards 2022 (19 January 2022 - 11 February 2022)

NICA-U Care Education Awards 2022 is open for application! Through the award, we hope to motivate NICA members’ school-going children to excel in their studies and defray the cost of their children's school expenses for the new school year.

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NICA-U Care Education Awards 2022 is open for application! Through the award, we hope to motivate NICA members’ school-going children to excel in their studies and defray the cost of their children's school expenses for the new school year.

Members to Note:

  1. The online application form must be duly completed and submitted with full supporting documents via email to by 6.00pm, Friday, 11th February 2022.
  2. All applications will be considered but eligibility does not guarantee success in award. Outcome of the application will be notified in writing in early March 2022.
  3. NICA reserves the right to:
a. request for additional supporting documents, for verification and audit purposes;
b. void application or demand for a full refund of grant awarded if information provided by applicant is found to be untrue; and
c. grant approval to the most deserving applicants
d. reject incomplete and late submission
     4. The decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into before, during and after the decision is made.
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Step 1: Members may check if they are eligible to apply based on the criteria below
Eligibility Criteria:
nica edu 2022 v2.PNG
Step 2: How to Apply
1. If you meet the eligibility criteria, please fill up the online form here:
2. Upon completion of the form, please email NICA at with full supporting documents.
As your supporting documents contain personal data, you are encouraged to save them in a zipped folder and password-protect the folder. Do remember to send us the password to access the folder.
Required Supporting Documents:
nica edu 2022 v3.PNG
Step 3: After application and submittion of supporting documents
Successful applicants will be notified in writing and details of the Award Ceremony (if any) will be furnished at a later date.
For any enquiries, please contact us at

2. NICA Hardship Grant

NICA Hardship Grant provides a one-time $100to members to help defray their financial burden under hardship circumstances. The Executive Committee may grant a higher amount depending on the hardship in which the member is in. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of his/her application through email in about 3-4 weeks upon submission of all required supporting documents. The decision made by NICA on the outcome of the application shall be final. 

Eligibility Criteria

As NICA members, you can apply for the assistance if you fulfill the following criteria:-

  • You must be Ordinary Branch members of NICA
  • Have at least 3 months of continuous union membership
  • Must be an active coach and/or instructor
  • An orange or blue CHAS holder or a successful Covid-19 Recovery Grant (CRG) applicant
You must also satisfy the conditions (listed below) to which you apply for the grant.

Hardship Grant Criteria.PNG
Documents Required
All completed forms are to be returned to NICA together with the following applicable documents:-Hardship Grant Documents.PNG
Application Process

Download the application form NICA Hardship Grant Form.pdf , and submit to

If you are unable to download the pdf, you may email NICA for assistance.


4. Covid-19 (C-19) Temporary Relief Scheme (11 Oct 2021 - 31 Mar 2022)

NICA members who had tested COVID-19 positive or ART positive during the period from 11 Oct 2021 - 31 Mar 2022, both dates inclusive, and who fulfill the eligibility criteria are eligible to apply for this one-off relief quantum. Note that this is a once-off disbursement per Eligible Member.
If you are current an NTUC member and a freelance / self-employed coach or instructor in the fields of sports, outdoor adventures/learning, fitness, wellness, visual arts and performing arts, you can email to to convert your membership. Your membership tenure, linkpoints, and rebates would not be affected.

Application Process
Please submit the required documents via email:
Please indicate [C-19 Temporary Relief Scheme] in your email title for easy reference. Our officers will contact you within 3 to 5 working days of a submitted application.


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3. Promotion of Virtual Programmes

Do you have an array of virtual programmes that require greater reach and publicity?
Whether you are a sports coach, a visual and performing arts instructor, a fitness and well instructor or a lifestyle and enrichment trainer, if you have virtual programmes suitable for NTUC members and their families this June School Holiday, send the over to us!  NICA is partnering NTUC Membership to broadcast your virtual programmes to a base of 900,000 members .

  1. Fill up the form here
  2. You are strongly encouraged to send a poster of your virtual programme to after completion of form.
Please indicate [Promotion of Virtual Programme] in your email title for easy identification.

Terms and conditions:

  1. As this would be a direct outreach to the NTUC membership base, we would like to seek participating NICA members' support to extend a special rate of at least 5% off the usual price to NTUC members who present their NTUC Plus! Card or e-card.
  2. NTUC members will sign-up by emailing our members directly.
  3. Promotion is valid for first-time sign-ups only and valid until 30 June 2021. If required, NICA will seek consent from our members to extend the promotion period.

4. NICA Business Support Network and Resources

NICA members enjoy premium access to contacts, resources, and advisory for you to expand your business opportunities to adapt to the changing industry demands

This includes, but is not limited to:
1) Contacts to virtual events and productions freelancers/companies

2) Complimentary training to build online and digital capabilities via NICA Business Builder Workshops  

3) Complimentary 1-year access to LHUBGO, an online learning platform by NTUC LearningHub, with personal and business related courses curated specially by NICA for coaches and instructors. 

Read more about the list of courses at:

The courses cover the following key themes:

  1. Communications
  2. Personal Development
  3. Business
  4. Health and Lifestyle
  5. Digital Transformation
  6. Understanding Different Market Segments

Look out for NICA's email by middle of June on further details on access guide and link to courses. 


5. Short-Term Job Options for Individuals

NICA members will receive first-hand information and referral on short-term job arrangements as opportunities for alternative income streams.

Non-members can also follow our Facebook closely for updates.

6. Privileges exclusive to NICA members


Prolonged Medical Leave insurance NTUC Income Prolonged Medical Leave Insurance for Self-employed Person covers self-employed persons who are hospitalised or on hospitalisation or medical leave for a prolonged period due to illness or injury.
Find out more: HERE
NICA members enjoy: 6 months waiver on first year’s premium for every new and approved Prolonged Medical Leave Insurance application.
Gigacover Gigacover Freelancer Income Protection (FLIP) insurance pays freelancers when they are unable to work due to an illness or injury, replicating the paid medical leave that employees enjoy for freelancers.
Find out more: HERE
NICA members enjoy: $90+ off 1st year FLIP premium. This is a discount of up to 85%.
General Practitioner WhiteCoat WhiteCoat is a digital healthcare provider offering on-demand integrated primary care (GP) services using real time video communication Find out more: HERE NICA members enjoy: 40% discount on the consultation fee

Insert promo code at checkout: WCNICA40
Standard First Aid + AED refresher course NTUC LearningHub (Course available in Mandarin) Standard First Aid Refresher Course ‘For NROC Coaches Only’

The Standard First Aid with AED (SFA+AED) course is a pre-requisite for all sports coaches in Singapore to attain or renew their coaching license under the Singapore Sports. The aim of the course is to provide relevant knowledge and skills in rendering first aid treatment during an emergency. Read more HERE
NICA members who are Singaporeans & PR, and NROC registered: $0 - $9

To register, email:
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