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NICA strives to support coaches and instructors in your journey of upgrading and re-skilling. In supporting coaches and instructors to stay up on the latest industry development, NICA works with key industry partners to offer relevant training content, such as workshops, conference, and masterclasses.  
NICA members can enjoy training support such as: 
  1. Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) 
  2. NICA Sponsored Courses 
Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)


NICA members who are below 40   Enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year 

NICA members who are aged 40 and above 

 Extended to 31 December 2025!

Enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $500 each year 

The courses must be supported under UTAP.

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Outdoor learning
  Training Provider: International Sports Academy (ISA)
1. American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Certification Course Level 1 and 2
2. American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Certification Course Level 3
3. ISA Sports Rehabilitation Course Level 1
4. American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Dryland Training for All Ages & How to Write Goal-Based Workouts
5. ISA Certificate in Basic Sports Massage
6. ISA Sports Rehabilitation Course Level 2
7. ISA-SLI Sports Coaching for Kids Certification Course
8. ISA Strength and Conditioning Workshop 

  Training Provider: PSB Academy, School of Life & Physical Sciences
1. Certificate in Sport and Exercise Sciences
2. Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences
3. Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences (Sport Coaching)
4. Fundamentals of Sport Massage Therapy

Training Provider: Republic Polytechnic
1. Be a Sports Safety Champion
2. Risk Management in Sport

  Training Provider: Singapore Badminton Association (SBA)
1. SG Coach Level 1 Full Integration
2. Badminton World Federation (BWF) Level 2 
Training Provider: Singapore Floorball Association 
Training Provider: Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation
Fitness Wellness

Training Provider: Academy of Sports and Exercise Science (ASES)
1. ACE Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
2. American Council on Exercise - Certified Personal Trainer (ACE-CPT)
3. ACE Group Fitness Instructor Course
4. American Council on Exercise (ACE) Youth Fitness Specialist

  Training Provider: EIMS@Changi General Hospital Pte Ltd
1. Allied Healthcare and Fitness Professionals Course
2. Allied Healthcare and Fitness Professionals Course (Re-certification) 

  Training Provider: Edufit Asia
1. Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) for the Neck
2. Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) for the Thoracic Spine & Ribcage
3. Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) for the Lower Back and Pelvis
4. Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) for the Upper Extremity
5. Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) for the Lower Extremity

  Training Provider: FIT Asia
1. AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification
2. Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist
3. Art of Living
4. Autism Fitness Certification Level 1
5. Behaviour Change Agent
6. Brain Health Trainer
7. Fat Loss Specialization
8. FTI Master Functional Trainer
9. Functional Fitness for Pregnancy & Postpartum
10. Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1 & 2
11. Fundamentals of Plant-Based Nutrition
12. Fundamentals of Strength Training
13. GPNI-ISSN Body Transformation Nutrition Coach
14. GPNI-ISSN Endurance & Marathon Nutrition Coach
15. GPNI-ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist (Double Cert)
16. Ignite Your Burn Instructors Certification
17. Kettlebell Level 3 - Certified Kettlebell Trainer
18. Maximising Running Performance
19. Obesity and Weight Management Specialist
20. Personal Trainer Development Program
21. Personal Trainer Practical Competency
22. PHA Level 1
23. Rehab Essentials
24. Rehab Express
25. Safe Return to Exercise
26. Science To Gym Floor
27. Senior Fitness Specialist
28. Senior Strength and Conditioning
29. Sports Massage Therapy
30. Suspended Fitness Training 1 & 2
31. Training Pregnant and Post Partum Clients
32. Trigger Point Level 1 & 2 - Regular
33. Well coaches Core Coach Training
34. Women Fitness Essentials
35. Ybells Coaching Course

  Training Provider: Health Fitness Consultants
1. ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach Accreditation Course (conducted in Singapore)

  Training Provider: International Sports Academy (ISA)
1. ISA Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Youth, Elderly & Pregnant Individuals)
2. ISA Certificate in Introduction to Fitness Nutrition
3. WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coach Level 1
4. ISA Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease Individuals)
5. ISA Certified Personal Trainer Course (leading to ACE Certification) - Guided Live Edition
6. ISA Certified Personal Trainer Course (leading to ACE Certification) - Independent Online Edition
7. ISA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Course (leading to NSCA Certification)
8. ISA Communication for Fitness Professionals Course
9. ISA Strength and Conditioning Workshop 
10. ISA Introduction to Kettlebell Course

  Training Provider: PSB Academy, School of Life & Physical Sciences
1. Certificate in Sport and Exercise Sciences
2. Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences
3. Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences (Exercise and Fitness)
4. Self-Myofascial Release Triggerpoint (Level 1, 2, 3)
5. Fundamentals of Active Rolling Tratac
6. ACE Certified Personal Trainer Course

Training Provider: Republic Polytechnic
1. Basic Exercise Science

  Training Provider: WORLD Coaches Academy
1. NFPT Certified Personal Trainer (Classroom)
2. NFPT Certified Personal Trainer (Blended)
3. Prenatal & Postpartum Training (Classroom)
4. BANDNAMICS Resistance Band Trainer (Classroom) 
5. BANDNAMICS Resistance Band Specialist (Classroom)
Visual and performing arts

  Training Provider: Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA)
1. Essentials of Teaching and Learning Approaches

  Training Provider: Southeast Asia Music Academy Online Pte Ltd (SEA Music Academy Online)
1. Dalcroze Eurhythmics 1
2. Dalcroze Eurhythmics 2
3. Effective Choir Rehearsal Planning (For Children's Choir)
Business essentials
Training Provider: International Institute of Mediators (iiM)
  1. iiM One-Day Course on Instructors Training
  2. 5-Day Mediation Training Course
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  Training Provider: NTUC LearningHub
 People Management:
  1. 5 Strategies to Win with People
  2. Grievances Handling 
  3. People and Performance Management Level 3 powered by John Maxwell (Synchronous e-learning)
  4. People Development powered by John Maxwell
  5. Personal Effectiveness Level 3 powered by John Maxwell (Synchronous e-learning)
  6. Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self at the Workplace (Synchronous e-learning)
  7. Develop Personal Effectiveness at Operations Level (Synchronous e-learning)
  8. Accelerating Teamwork
  9. Organisational Relationship Building powered by John Maxwell
  10. People and Relationship Management L1:  Work in a Diverse Service Environment powered by John Maxwell (Synchronous e-learning)

  11. Living the laws of Leadership
  12. The 360 degree Leader
  13. The 5 Levels of Leadership
  14. Vision Leadership Level 3 powered by John Maxwell
  15. Service Leadership L1: Demonstrate the Service Vision (MSF)
  16. Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Managerial Level (Synchronous e-learning)
  17. Service Leadership L4: Lead with Service Vision (MSF)

 Business Operations:
  18. Implement a Business Plan (Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning)
  19. Monitor Income and Expenses (Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning)
  20. Setting up and Running a Business (Synchronous e-learning)
  21. Strategic Business and Marketing Plan
  22. WSQ Write Reports
  23. WSQ Present Information
  24. Implement Design Thinking (SF) (Synchronous e-learning)
  25. Contract and Intellectual Property Management (Synchronous e-learning)
  26. HR Business Savvy Skills Masterclass
  27. Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Operations Level (Synchronous e-learning)
  28. Portfolio Review (Synchronous e-learning)
 Personal Development: 
  29. Adapt to Change (Synchronous e-learning)
  30.  Communicate and Relate Effectively at the Workplace (Synchronous e-learning)
  31. WSQ Participate in Negotiations powered by Wiley (Synchronous e-learning)
  32. Service Challenges L1 (SF):  Project a Positive and Professional Image (Synchronous e-learning)
  33. Develop Professional Image and Competence to Achieve Personal Career Goals
  34. How to pitch like a Pro (Synchronous e-learning)
  35. Implement a Continuous Improvement Culture (SF) (Synchronous e-learning)


Training Partner: Mind Transformations

  1. NLP Practitioner & NLP High Impact People Foundation

  2. ICI Associate Coach Certification


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